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Project folder#

You can organize your projects in folders on the profile page. Click Select above the list of your projects, specify one or more projects you want to move, pick a destination folder in New Folder drop-down, and click Move.

Alternatively, you can use Move to Folder in the Preview Project drop-down, visible when you hover over a project’s cover.

Move your cursor over the folder, and click to customize it. Type in or paste a name, switch from Public to Private to hide this folder from the public profile page, and click Save to apply any changes. Use Delete folder to remove the folder — if there are any projects inside, you will be prompted to Delete or Move them.

  • Private folders are marked with a lock icon on your profile page.
  • Push New Folder to create an empty folder.
  • Click Select, pick one or more projects, switch to Delete in Move drop-down, and confirm with Delete button to remove several projects at once.
  • If you are someone’s collaborator on Readymag, all projects shared with you appear under Shared with me in a folder with the author’s account Name and Userpic.
  • Hover over this folder, and click if you want to be removed from their Teamwork collaborators.

Profile settings#

Click Edit Profile button to access Settings.

In the main Profile section you can customize your Readymag public profile page: set Userpic, Name, and Location, specify and change custom URL in Username field, add Bio and links to your website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. Use Google Analytics field to specify a unique Tracking ID if you want to collect data from all projects in one property in your GA account.

Read how to Collect data about visitors to find out more about built-in Google Analytics and Tracking ID.

Password & Email#

You can change Current Email and set New Password for your account. Click Save Changes after updating Password & Email, and then use Logout to re-enter Readymag with new credentials. 

If you can’t change the email, make sure there is no other Readymag account associated with your New Email. Only one account can be associated with each email address.

Subscription and billing#

Starting a subscription#

Open Subscription & Billing in your profile Settings and click Upgrade button. Choose a plan, select Pay Monthly or Pay Annually billing interval, and type in your payment card details. Turn off Auto-renew control if you want to make a one-time payment. Otherwise, your subscription is renewed automatically, and recurring payments will be charged on the next billing date. Click Subscribe to confirm your payment.

The Next Payment is automatically scheduled for one month/year from today, based on the selected billing interval. You can always check it in Subscription & Billing. Payment transactions are provided and secured by Stripe widget, accepting most international and local Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Changing plan or billing interval#

You can change your subscription or billing interval at any time. Open Subscription & Billing in your profile Settings, and click Edit Subscription button. After making any changes, click Update to confirm.

Switching between Annual and Monthly for the same Paid Plan Your current subscription is terminated, and we return unused money for the remaining period to your account balance. Then we subscribe you to the same plan, deducting your remaining account balance. Your new Next Payment date is set for one month/year from today.
Switching to a different Paid Plan Your current subscription is terminated, and we return unused money for the remaining period to your account balance. Then we subscribe you to the new plan, charging only for the days left until your scheduled Next Payment date.
Switching between different Paid Plans with the same billing interval Your remaining account balance is deducted from the payment. Your Next Payment date remains the same.

Cancelling a subscription#

To cancel a subscription, open Subscription & Billing in your profile Settings and click Cancel beneath your plan’s name in Next Payment. Your current Annual/Monthly Paid Plan will be switched to Free plan at the end of the paid period. Click Downgrade button to confirm your cancellation. Read more about Downgrading below.

Receipts and payment history#

Open Subscription & Billing in the Profile Settings, where you can find all your previous payments under Purchases. Click Receipt beneath any item in the list to generate a detailed payment confirmation. Type in any additional details, if necessary, and click Get Receipt button. Your receipt opens in a new browser tab, where you can either Print or Download a PDF.

Note, Readymag does not provide invoices, but if you need additional contact or tax information added to your receipts (business address, VAT number, etc.), enter it in the blank text area and it will appear on all of your receipts.


What happens when you stop paying#

To keep one of the paid plans active, your payment must be accepted on the Next Payment date shown in Subscription & Billing section in your profile Settings. Readymag sends an email notification two days prior to billing date.

If your payment fails, you will have two more days until your subscription expires. Readymag will retry to process the payment twice with the same card credentials, one attempt per day.

Once your subscription expires, you are automatically downgraded to Free plan. All your published projects remain visible to the public, and we will not delete anything from your account without your permission.

To update your card details, click Edit Subscription button beside your Current Plan in Subscription & Billing, and use Edit info underneath Payment information to make any changes. For security purposes, only expiration date and last digits of your Card Number are shown.

After Downgrading#

Each plan has different features and limitations, so read below what happens with every particular feature once you downgrade.

Creating pages. #

You cannot add new pages to any project that already have 10 or more pages. All published projects with 10+ pages will always remain accessible to your visitors.

Private projects. #

All projects with Password Protection will remain private until you turn off a switch or try to change the current password on Privacy tab in your Project Settings.

Google Analytics. #

All data immediately stops transmitting once your account is downgraded. If you switch back to one of the paid plans, data collection will resume automatically for the same Tracking ID.

Viewer and Navigation settings. #

Default navigation elements and Readymag branding, which you disabled on Viewer tab in the Project Settings, will appear on all your ‘white label’ projects. They cannot be hidden on Free plan.

Custom domains. #

Published projects can only be viewed with domain, so make sure to unmap any custom domain names:

  • Open your Readymag profile, click Edit Profile, and go to Domain section to unmap a domain from your entire Readymag account.
  • Open your Project Settings and click Domain tab to unmap a custom domain from a particular project.
Font Upload. #

You cannot use any uploaded fonts in your Library, or upload new WOFF files. All custom fonts remain visible in published projects. However, if you make any changes and republish the project, WOFF fonts will be replaced with system fonts.

Sharing and SEO settings. #

All OpenGraph meta tags and Sharing attributes that you customized in page Settings will remain active. However, you won’t be able to further change or update them — only Restore to defaults.

Code Embedding. #

All custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code continues working in published projects, both global Project Code and Embed & Code widgets. However, if you make any changes and republish the project, custom code will stop executing.

Export to HTML. #

You can’t download the source code of your projects.

Teamwork. #

Shared projects are no longer accessible to your collaborators. You can still see all invited collaborators in Teamwork settings. If you upgrade to one of the paid plans again, shared projects will become available to them automatically.

Custom domain name#

Map a custom domain to your entire Readymag profile. Read Custom domains for more details.

Affiliate Program#

Any user with a Readymag account can become an affiliate. Go to your account settings and click on the affiliate button. There you will find a unique affiliate link, which you can share with your audience.

With each new referral who subscribes to Readymag through your link, you get 15% of their first payment to us. These commissions go to your account balance and help pay future billings. Also, each of your referrals gets a 15% discount on their first bill.

We track all referrals with browser cookies. After a potential referral uses your link, she will have 30 days to join Readymag and thus become a commission-producing referral. Note that, in registering the new account, the referral should use the same device and browser that was used when she followed the affiliate link for the first time.

Project Views#

On all paid plans, a total number of Project Views per month is limited. Readymag counts every visit to a published project as a single view, including repeated views from the same visitor. Your own visits to the published project are also counted.

Each Project View covers the visit to the whole project, regardless of how many times the visitor switched pages back and forth within their session.

Find your Project Views#

A total number of project views for the current month is shown above the list of your projects on the profile page. Click on it to view a detailed report and statistics for the previous months. To see the exact number of views on a specific project, hover your cursor over it in your project list.

Hint: project views are unlimited on Free plan.

What happens If you exceed the limit#

We won’t immediately restrict access to your projects once you hit the monthly limit for your current plan. Readymag team will contact you to adjust pricing specifically to your needs.

How to extend Project Views limit#

Contact to purchase extended monthly limit on Project Views. You can calculate an estimated cost using the widget below.


You can connect other Readymag accounts and give their owners access to your projects. Connected accounts are called collaborators. The number of collaborators is limited — see Pricing. If you’ve reached the limit, contact to increase the number of collaborators or remove some of the existing ones.

Inviting a collaborator#

To add a collaborator, click Teamwork button on your profile page. Type in an email address and specify what to share. Share all projects means that all existing and future projects in your account will be accessible by this collaborator. Switch to select on the slide-out panel, specify one or more projects to share, and press Save if you want to give your collaborator only limited access. Click Invite to send your invitation.

The collaborator is marked as waiting for a response until they accept your invitation sent by email. If you invite someone who doesn’t have a Readymag account yet, this collaborator will be prompted to create a new account in order to access shared projects.

After accepting the invitation, collaborators will see your projects in a special folder with your Name and Userpic under Shared with me on their profile page. Click Teamwork to see the status of your collaborators, change the access to specific projects, or remove them at any time.

  • If you need to get access to your collaborator’s project, the owner of the account must be on a paid plan to invite you the same way with Teamwork button.
  • To leave any shared project, hover your cursor over the author’s folder in Shared with me, click ‘x’, and push ‘Yes’.
  • A  number on the button indicates how many active or invited collaborators you currently have.
  • The same number is also shown on the cover of each project you shared.

Editing projects together#

Each collaborator can access a shared project at any time, edit the content and manage project settings, including Publishing. However, only one person can edit any individual page at the time. If someone is currently editing the page, you’ll see the collaborator user pic on the cover in the Project Menu (M).