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M project menu
W add widget
P preview
+Z undo action
+shift+Z redo action
S snapping
H guides
G grid
Tab hide/show interface elements
F/V+drag bundle drag
B blocks
Q open widgets panel
+A select all
+C copy widget
+V paste widget
L lock widget
R rotate
+G group widgets
+shift+G ungroup widgets
+[ bring backward
+] bring forward
+alt+[ send to back
+alt+] send to front
Backspace delete widget or animation step
Shift++C copy widget’s animation effect
Shift++V paste widget’s animation effect
Text widget
Fn+enter quit edit mode
+shift+> increase font size
+shift+< decrease font size
Alt+ increase line height
Alt+↓  decrease line height
Alt+ increase letter spacing
Alt+ decrease letter spacing
+K create a link
+B make bold
+I make italic
+U make underlined
+A select all text
+shift+A select current paragraph
+shift+L align left
+shift+R align right
+shift+C align center
+shift+X fit frame to text
Opt+Space insert non-breaking space
Page layouts
1 switch to desktop layout
2 switch to tablet layout
3 switch to mobile layout